We’ll never be …

We’ll never be home to the next Google

– Phil Morle of Pollenizer

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 10.31.59 AM

I hope this was a misquote by one of the major Australian newspapers – The Age.

It seems a little contradictory given the quote is from Phil Morle – someone who helped create one of the most disruptive innovations in file sharing globally ever. Kazaa was huge, fast growing and had global impact created by a small team that was thinking big.

So big stuff can be done by a small number of individuals with the right execution on the right idea in the right (globally accessible internet delivered) market.

With 2.5b people online globally and 61% to 68% in the Australian timezones it makes sense to keep a positive perspective on opportunities.

When I read this article last year in the busy period just before Xmas I let it wash over me along with so many things at that busy time of the year. But the image and underlying attitude has persisted so I thought it was worth debating a bit further. Especially since Phil is one of the more positive thinking leaders in our space and certainly one of the most productive.

Read the full article and form your own opinion. We will be carefully selecting examples of ‘less than positive’ thinking from the startup ecosystem to showcase the need for a little optimism, especially by our community leaders and to show that it goes a long way.

We’ll never be home to the next Google: experts | theage.com.au


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