Why You Should Go To SydStart



SydStart 2013 Autumn Feedback Testimonials

It is hard to beat the original attendee feedback video (on youtube). It was the first we ever did, just after our third sydstart but these stats below are even more impressive.

The first 48 hours after SydStart was more action packed than most.

This post covers quotes, qualitative and quantitative feedback from immediately after the event.

We have 20 of our fav quotes from attendees below.

Awesome, energetic and heartfelt. Thanks everyone for such positive feedback

We also conducted a basic 48 hour impact survey for the first time, of which over 15% of attendees responded, on average approx –

  • nearly one in two received interest from investors
  • one in two received interest from the media
  • at least 15 articles were published about SydStart and coverage included America and Asia
  • respondents gained an average of over 8 new prospective customers (prospects)
  • respondents gained an average of…

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