Ash Fontana of Angel List speaks at SydStart [Video]

Ash spoke recently at SydStart 2013 and was one of the fav speakers of the day.


Ash Fontana speaking at SydStart 2013

We are finally getting around to posting all the videos from our massive recent live event SydStart  (which is now part of the GreatStart Co. series).

Angel list is the largest early stage fund raising platform in the world. Their growth has been simply mind boggling and Angel List are literally revolutionising the industry.

Ash Fontana is at the centre of this success and works on the investor platform components.

I found Ash to be one of the best speakers this year, and anecdotally he was the people’s choice winner this year. If you have a startup (or want to) this could be one of the best 15 minutes you ever invest in yourself.

Ash is originally from Sydney and now based in San Francisco with this amazing world leader.

He talks about his journey and –

  • the narrative fallacy
  • joining startups not joining a startup
  • outsourcing non core activities

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