Palantir’s Latest Round Valuing It At $9B Swells To $107.8M In New Funding

This is one remarkable startup.


Palantir, the big data company that started off with clients like the FBI and CIA before building up a large private-sector roster of customers, just added more funding to its coffers.

Last week, the company filed that it was raising $57 million with the SEC. Now that round is coming in at $107.5 million, according to a new amended filing today.

Sources close to the company told us that the round valued the company at $9 billion. This is a boost to an earlier $196.5 million round in the fall that valued the company at $6 billion.

Strong investor appetite convinced the company to bring in more capital at a 50 percent bump to their overall valuation.

Palantir, which expects to see more than $1 billion in contracts next year, sells a big data platform to private-sector and government clients. It helps them make sense from disparate silos of data…

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