Yes, It’s Real: Tim Draper Gives Details On Ballot Initiative To Make Silicon Valley A State

It seems a little crazy at first glance, but there is real substance beneath this proposal. Controversy will no doubt follow.


Silicon Valley is no stranger to unusual ideas, and today the world got to witness another: noted investor Tim Draper is proposing a ballot proposition to split California into six separate states. There were obviously a lot of questions raised by Draper’s “Six Californias” proposal after we first broke the news last Thursday, so the man with the controversial plan held a press conference this afternoon.

“The status quo is just not going to work,” said Draper. “The existing breadth of industry and various interests in California is untenable.”

Draper’s ballot proposition itself breaks California into six entities: Silicon Valley, West California, Jefferson, South California, Central California and North California.

Other than Draper’s desire to decentralize Californian governance, we really didn’t know how it would all go down until today. So, here are your burning questions answered:

How Will California Be Redrawn?

“We allowed great flexibility” for…

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