So you would like to learn a little about 8sx.co (also known as Great South By)?  Before you start, sign up for this blog via email using the box on the right hand side of this page.

8sx.co is a database focused on innovation, tech startups, social innovation and the new wave of thinking that is changing our world.

We hope that by being hyper connected we can be more effective.

We were inspired by the pioneering –

and we wanted to create one series of events on one site that people could go to and find out –

  • What is happening in their home city
  • What is happening in any city in the region that they are visiting
  • What is a good day to run an event that avoids clashes with other events
  • Ways to get plugged into the ecosystem

The name originates from the infinite potential of innovation to improve our world.  Besides, as with any startup, the domain name was available so we went with it.

The 8sx name originates from Great South By (abbreviated to gr8 south by) as well as the regional awareness of 8 as a lucky number in China and Asia generally.  In the year that the Higgs Boson particle was discovered, we also wanted to capture the science behind infinity (symbol 8 lying on one side).

8sx.co was founded by Pete Cooper in 2012 and is supported by Cooper & Co and other kind souls.

We hope you find 8sx.co useful, if you would like to get listed or have any feedback please contact us.

If you would like your city to be part of 8sx.co please contact us we are looking for local ambassadors in each major ecosystem.


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